The purpose of On Going Hyper: An English Professor's Introduction to Hypermedia and the World Wide Web is to provide English language, composition and literature professionals with a critical history and analysis of the trends in hypermedia and, particularly, the hypermedia of the Web, which will likely have--indeed, are already having--a profound impact on research and teaching in general but on reading and writing more specifically.

On Going Hyper, which is organized to be useful to professors in general but to English professors in particular, features chapters that explain and explore:

  • the history of the Internet/World Wide Web and hypermedia;
  • the theories of hypermedia studies as well as the poststrructuralist/postmodern theories of philosophy, literature and art that are applicable or related to hypermedia; and
  • the current practice of using Web-based hypermedia and other electronic means of instruction in higher education, with an emphasis on pedagogy in distance education environments.
Specifically, this text investigates the military origins of hypertext and the military contributions of its inventor, Vannevar Bush, demonstrating how the threats of atomic and nuclear warfare after World War II spurred on the progress of the Internet. It also critiques the commercial aspects of the Web, especially as they relate to higher education and English studies.